International employment, posting and hiring out of employees

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International employment, posting and hiring out of employees
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The publication is an English version of the successful handbook Mezinárodní zaměstnávání, vysílání a pronájem pracovníků, which explores the rights, obligations and possibilities associated with working abroad or working for foreign companies, for example local employment contracts, posting or the hiring out of employees.

Key information in two languages – a unique aid

In view of the international character of the publication’s focus, having an English version is of great benefit. The English version offers international companies and foreign employees a unique tool for understanding the specific features of Czech law related to the cross-border movement of labor. It provides readers with comprehensible and invaluable information that will help them to avoid any inconveniences associated with working in a different legal environment.
Compared to the Czech version, the practical vocabulary of the most important terms was significantly extended and the publication’s content was updated to reflect recent developments in the related legislation.

All important legislation is taken into account

The publication explores international employment, posting and the hiring out of employees as they relate to income taxes, compulsory insurance, and foreign citizens’ residency requirements in the Czech Republic, with a view towards relevant international agreements, in particular EU regulations on social security coordination and treaties on double taxation.
The publication pays special attention to the way in which these areas are interrelated. It also provides comprehensive case studies.

Using this book

The publication International employment, posting and hiring out of employees is intended primarily for tax advisors, wage accountants, auditors, human resources officers, finance department employees, government employees, students of economics, and all those interested in knowing their rights and obligations in this area.

Czech edition of the book

This book was published also in the Czech language. For details of the Czech edition see the product page Mezinárodní zaměstnávání, vysílání a pronájem pracovníků.