Black Oxen

Black Oxen
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Kód0103731PNKnox ElizabethZáruka24 měsícůEAN9780099437147
Darker and more disturbing than The Vintner's Luck, Black Oxen is a fabulous and richly peopled otherworldly tale. It is the story of Carme Risk's pursuit of her beautiful and not quite human father through two worlds and three changes of identity. In her forties, in the year 2022, Risk has entered narrative therapy. Her momories and her father's journal take her from the Eden of her earliest childhood to dusty, poor lequanma, a Latin American country, where she and her father become involved with the slightly mad young leaders of the recent revolution and where everyone seems to practise black magic. And finally to Risk's life in northern California, still in thrall to her elusive father and now the widow of Lequama's most notorious torturer.
AutorKnox Elizabeth
Počet Stran448
Rok vydání2002