Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design

Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design
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A must-have reference for using paper and print finishes in design work

In the world of print, paper choice influences every design project and designers often complain about the lack of genuinely good reference material for projects requiring a strong design input. Choosing and Using Paper for Great Graphic Design fills this gap. Case studies detail how the paper was chosen, the innovative treatments applied (folding, binding, cutting, embossing, printing, etc), and why they make the piece successful. By highlighting what was made possible through the paper choice, and how it affected the final design, this guide shows how paper influences and enhances graphic design and explains how to choose and use the right paper for the job. It explains how to turn ideas into reality.

A primary resource to inspire original creative thought, it showcases the very best designs created through the ingenious and groundbreaking use of paper and printing techniques.

AutorHampshire, Mark,Stephenson, Keith
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