Pockets 2 Workbook

Pockets 2 Workbook
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The Workbook gives students focused reinforcement of what is taught in class. A wide range of exercises recycle and extend vocabulary and language structures. The accompanying Audio CD contains the songs and chants that students learn in class. Clap your hands for Pockets! Proven success for your pre-school students. With three levels, Pockets develops English using fun activities with catchy songs and chants, photo picture cards, animal mascots, and game-filled CD-ROMs. Because it is based on the highly effective five-step teaching strategies of Warm-Up, Presentation, Practice, Application and Assessment, even the youngest children find Pockets easy to follow. So take a look. Pockets builds confidence and communication using hands-on activities that relate to everyday life, and builds a solid foundation in English that will last a lifetime. For very young learners, Little Pockets offers a fun way to begin introducing English. www.pearsonELT.com/pockets
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