The Beast of Buckingham Palace

The Beast of Buckingham Palace
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Kód0103115PNWalliams DavidZáruka24 měsícůEAN9780008385644
Destined to be the most wanted book this Christmas, Walliams weaves a richly imaginative fantasy adventure that is vividly brought to life with Tony Ross’s stunning illustrations. The year is 2120. London is in ruins, the people are hungry and darkness has fallen across the world. Prince Alfred, a sickly boy of twelve, has never known life outside Buckingham Palace. But evil forces are at work, and soon Alfred must do battle with the King of the Beasts – the Griffin… Walliams’s legions of fans will be enthralled by this page-turning tale of myth, magic and the most Machiavellian of villains.
AutorWalliams David
Počet Stran464
Rok vydání2019