The World´S Worst Children

The World´S Worst Children
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Kód0102858PNWalliams DavidZáruka24 měsícůEAN9780008197032
Laureate of mischief, David Walliams announces a new book! On the 19th May, the Number One bestselling author will be releasing The World’s Worst Children, a collection of ten short stories about five beastly boys and five gruesome girls. Meet TV super-fan, Sofia Sofa, so stuck to the sofa that she’s turning into one; Dribbling Drew, a boy whose drool gets him into trouble; and Blubbering Bertha, a girl who bawls and tells terrible tales. Plus expect an appearance from everyone’s favourite character: Raj! The World’s Worst Children may be Walliams’ most devious, mischievous and devilishly delightful book yet.
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AutorWalliams David
Rok vydání2016